Creating a Template for Social Media Audit with NetbaseQuid

It isn’t easy to handle your social media channels. It can take hours to figure out who is following you and what they are saying about your brand. And if you want to analyze the sentiment of their posts, that takes a lot more time! NetbaseQuid gives marketers and business owners an easy way to audit their social media channels, saving them time while they try to grow their business. This enables you to be more productive and focus on what matters. And not only does NetbaseQuid give you the power to analyze your corporate channels, but you can also analyze influencers’ social media accounts and beyond. This article focuses on creating a template for a social media audit.

What is it?

A social media audit analyzes your social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. NetbaseQuid does not analyze Instagram, Pinterest, and other social platforms. This audit will give you key insights into your social media channels.

Looking at the big picture, this audit will look to answer a few questions, including:

When you have all of your analytics compiled, you can do more than analyze the data – you can use it to make decisions. You can export your data to create a report, present it in a board room and build new strategies.

Creating a template

A template is just a pre-built document that you can modify to suit your needs. It includes all pre-existing fields and is created through your NetbaseQuid account. This makes creating an audit easy, as all you need to do is fill in the blanks. You can change the template by going into templates, then choosing one that you want to edit or create a new one.

Customize your Social Media Audit!

You can create your social media template to suit your needs. This means choosing what and how much data you want to review. NetbaseQuid allows you to add data of your choice to the template, allowing you to fit your brand into the template exactly. This allows you to target your analysis to exactly what you want.


Let’s say that you want to create a social media audit for your Instagram account, add it to the template, and customize it. Add an image and post from your Instagram page by going into templates, then selecting the social media template you created in this article’s previous sections. If Instagram is not there in your list, go into the settings and add it.

With social media, there are no hard and fast rules. You may have a business that doesn’t have a Facebook page but still needs an audit. NetbaseQuid allows you to customize the template and add in any data you want. This means that you can create an audit for any social media channel, even if it isn’t on the list.

Each template has pre-existing fields and allows you to add in your own. This is useful if you want to review a particular hashtag or keyword and don’t want to review everything else. It also helps keep your template organized and easy to read and analyze. Also, you can decide how far back in time you want your audit to go.

Monitoring your social media accounts is important to any business because it will give you insight into what people are saying about your brand and help you stay on top of issues. Using NetbaseQuid, you can take your time to understand all of your social media channels and focus on what matters the most.

A business that needs to audit their social media or a company that performs social media audits for others can use the customized templates created by NetbaseQuid. For example, consultants can create a template for any brand to help them understand what social media is important to their clients.

Key Points:

· NetbaseQuid allows you to create templates for your social media channels and customize them.

· You can add data of your choice, then customize the template by adding your fields and modifying the template.

· Tweets and posts can be added to the template and even images.

· Social media data is an important part of any brand, especially in today’s digitalized world.

Through NetbaseQuid, business owners and marketers can use social media to see what their customers say about them. This allows them to create strategies that suit their company’s needs. NetbaseQuid allows you to create a social media audit and customize it to fit your brand’s needs. You can create templates for any brand and customize them to match your business model.

You can install NetbaseQuid on Windows, Linux, or Macs, then import the data into the platform. With free plans available for all platforms, you can get a lot of social media data or just a few tweets and posts on Twitter.

Once you’ve created your template, you can fill it with any social media channel data. NetbaseQuid shows the data in a way that makes sense, allowing you to see what is important to your brand and how they perform.

There are three ways to access NetbaseQuid: Web app, API, or desktop client. While the Web app works with Chrome and Safari on mobile devices, the API is for creating a database for developers who want to use all of the features of NetbaseQuid. The desktop client is also for developers, as it allows you to view the data more analytically.


NetbaseQuid is a web-based platform that allows you to interact with any social media channel. While it focuses on Twitter data, you can also add data from other sources such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. NetbaseQuid allows you to create templates for your social media channels and edit them. You can add more fields or remove others so that the template works best for your brand’s specific needs.

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